I started my lifelong hobby in photography in the late 1970’s using Nikon Film cameras making the switch to Nikon digital cameras early in 2002.   I now shoot with a Nikon D750 with a wide assortment of Nikorr lenses.  I am also an avid user of the FujiFilm X series mirrorless camera system.  Currently, I use the Fujifilm X-T3 & X-T2 and a large assortment of Fuji lenses.  Almost all of the images on this site are captured digitally and few are film slides that have been scanned.  Most have been edited using Adobe’s Creative Suite software (Lightroom and Photoshop).  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding the images on this site.  I also have a companion website solely for photos of Vermont at www.imagesofvermont.com

This site is continually expanding.  I mainly photograph landscapes of the Vermont countryside and coastal Maine. There is also a collection of urban landscapes featuring New York, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago and Ireland, Scotland and Italy.  Living on Long Island, NY and its diverse landscape/seascapes offers ample opportunities for both rural and urban landscape images. I photograph what I find both attractive and interesting paying close attention to the quality of light.