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Red Rocks and Baseball

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I like landscape photography; I also love baseball. Arizona offers an abundance of both in March. The warm weather is a bonus for a winter weary east coast visitor.

I packed my camera bag, did the required photo location research and headed for my JFK to Sky Harbor (Phoenix) Airport flight. The plan was to rent a car in Phoenix and make the...

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Another year comes to a close. It's only natural to look back at my photographic efforts of the last twelve months. My focus here will be on my successes. Those rare instances when I get it right - in my opinion, of course. This past year was a busy one with lots of travel. A late summer trip to Europe, winter in Key West, Florida and three trips to the Maine Coast. Mix in several trips to other New England locations and my photo opportunity basket began to fill quickly. The short descriptions below offer insight into my thinking at the time of...

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Few places are busier than the Coast of Maine in July.  The tagline on the bottom of the state license plate is Vacationland, and they mean it.  It is easy to see the attraction, vast beaches, good weather, lots of ocean recreation all rolled up in a classic rugged New England Coastline.  Summer vacation for me (and the family) for the last twenty years is a week in Kennebunkport Maine.  Kennebunkport sits on the very southern end of the Maine coast, just a half hour car ride from the New Hamshire border and 45 minutes south of Portland.  The coastline south of Portland is dotted with popular summer...
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