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Generally, my photography pursuits have been focused on natural landscapes. An early morning walk through a forest or a pre-dawn seashore excursion or the sun's first light on the mountain tops is the stuff that drives landscape photographers. I like all those things. I also like street photography and always jump at the opportunity to grab my Fujifilm X100T rangefinder-style digital camera and it the streets.

I find street photography more difficult than a landscape scene. The type of street photography I like generally lacks any people. I am more drawn to the landscape composition...

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A camera, tripod and a wide-angle lens are the staple tools of a landscape photographer. This is landscape photography 101. Hidden in those photos of epic mountain ranges, valleys, and canyons lie more than meets the eye. It is what I call, for lack of a better term - the small landscape. A more common term mentioned is the Intimate Landscape. A term that I have never been that fond of using since it implies an emotional connection between the subject and the photographer. That often is not the case. It's the landscape within the landscape. ...

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Top Ten Photos of 2019

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2019 was a good year - photographically speaking. I got to see the world a bit, get my hands of plenty of new equipment and the photo conditions were often favorable to me. Who could ask for more?

January and February started with several trips to the wintery landscape of Vermont. The first part of March was spent exploring a comparatively balmy American Southwest - Sedona Arizona to be exact. May started with spring hikes through the Green Mountains of Vermont and ended in June exploring the northern mountains of West Virginia...

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