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The northern half of Italy offers some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Europe. For the purposes of this post, my definition of northern Italy is from the city of Florence north to the Swiss border. Along with Florence, (and the Tuscan region) this includes the cities of Venice and Milan. North of these cities the region is home to lakes and majestic mountain ranges. Lake Como and the Dolomites are excellent examples of...

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Scotland and Edinburgh

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Arrived in Scotland (Edinburgh) to a typical rainy Scottish day.  Temperatures in the 60's and a light rain falling, a "soft" day as the Irish say.  August in Edinburgh means Festival time and that means lots of people, almost 2 million people will filter through the city for this three and a half week event.  The weather turned nice and what followed was three days of sunshine and pleasant temperatures.  The city was packed, the weather was pleasant and the photography opportunities...
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