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My 16 favorites of 2016

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As each year concludes and a new calendar begins it is only natural to glance back at the year and draw some photographic conclusions.  It was a busy year but not a year filled with distant travel.  Most of my travels where confined to New England, numerous trips offered ample photographic opportunity.  Each year, I like to browse through the thousands of photographs to find the small group that I find most satisfying.  This is not a list I am labeling as...
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I have always admired the Nikon Coolpix A from afar.  It's been around for almost two years, so it's not a new camera.  I loved the fact that it truly is a shirt pocket camera with a APS-C sensor,  not many cameras have that.  However, its $1,100 price tag was a little to steep for me especially since I already own a FujiFilm x100 ( sold and waiting for delivery of my x100t).  I could not justify the expense just for the...
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