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Scotland and Edinburgh

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Arrived in Scotland (Edinburgh) to a typical rainy Scottish day.  Temperatures in the 60's and a light rain falling, a "soft" day as the Irish say.  August in Edinburgh means Festival time and that means lots of people, almost 2 million people will filter through the city for this three and a half week event.  The weather turned nice and what followed was three days of sunshine and pleasant temperatures.  The city was packed, the weather was pleasant and the photography opportunities...
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Midday Photography can be a challenge especially around water.  The light is harsh, the reflections are unflattering and people are everywhere.  I generally prefer the soft light of a pre-dawn morning along the coastline.  However, on a recent trip to Boston for the weekend I found myself in Rockport Massachusetts on a Saturday afternoon with a Fuji X-E2 and a Fuji 23mm 1.4 lens attached and a couple of hours to fill.  The camera belongs to my wife, the Fuji X-T1 is...
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