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Early Winter in Vermont.  A cold snowy day is a perfect day to stay indoors and enjoy a good book.  In Woodstock Vermont, there is an old/used/rare bookstore housed in an old barn.  On a day like this, the tight confines and aroma of old parchment have a special warmth.  What I liked about this weeks' selection is the warm light coming from the windows.  It shows a warmth in a very cold image.   Read more

There are many parts of life where personal style is desirable; those that dress in the latest fashion apparel seek it, those that perform for a living strive for it, and those that write for a living depend on it for success. The dictionary defines style as “a way, method, or manner of saying, writing or performing.” I would like to add photographing to that list.

This definition applies to photography since the term photography actually means to “write...

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