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A Place by a Sharp Rock

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New York State is large and has a very diverse landscape. It is home to one of the world's most populous cities, vast mountain ranges, and enormous open rural spaces. Over 19 million people call it home. The State has a park system that is every bit as robust and diverse.

The New York State Park system is home to over 200 State Parks, which total over 350,000 acres. I have not visited...

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March is known for its fickle personality.  It can't decide whether it wants to be spring or winter.  True to form this week we had nice spring days with warm temps followed immediately by snow storms and bitter cold.  The coldest air of the winter season, in fact.  While this can make for challenging days getting to work and dressing properly, it usually means some good photography opportunities.   The cold snowy days make for better photos than the warm sunny days,...
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March 4th was the date of this years "Run for Hope" organized by Project Hope here in Huntington, Long Island.  Project Hope was formed to help feed the hungry and those in need in and around Huntington.   Each year on the first Saturday in March they host a 4 mile race to raise funds for their cause.  This year's race attracted over 600 runners ranging in age from 10 to 89.  You can learn more about Project Hope by visiting their...
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