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Mid-Coast Maine

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The Coastline of Maine is no secret to photographers and vacationers far and wide. The vast coastline is home to unknown numbers of cliffs, rocky beaches, lighthouses, lobster boats, quaint villages, and tranquil harbors. Maine is home to over 3,400 miles of coastline, and that's more than California. Throw in over two thousand coastal islands, and it's easy to see why millions of visitors flock here each year during the summer months. Many of those visitors...

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The waning days of the summer season on Long Island signal shorter days and  compact sunsets and sunrises.  This week I chose to take a ride to Long Island's shore shore to visit some of our more famous (and crowded) beaches.  These sandy beaches face both the Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean offering wide expansion views with lots of sand, dunes, high grass, shore birds and even the occasional lighthouse.  These are a popular destinations for tourists and locals alike....
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