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A Place by a Sharp Rock

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New York State is large and has a very diverse landscape. It is home to one of the world's most populous cities, vast mountain ranges, and enormous open rural spaces. Over 19 million people call it home. The State has a park system that is every bit as robust and diverse.

The New York State Park system is home to over 200 State Parks, which total over 350,000 acres. I have not visited...

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A camera, tripod and a wide-angle lens are the staple tools of a landscape photographer. This is landscape photography 101. Hidden in those photos of epic mountain ranges, valleys, and canyons lie more than meets the eye. It is what I call, for lack of a better term - the small landscape. A more common term mentioned is the Intimate Landscape. A term that I have never been that fond of using since it implies an...

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Holiday week and the second to last week of the year.  The holidays are spent at home on Long Island, so this weeks photo is from home.  I quick early winter morning trip to Northport village.  The village is just five minutes from my home and offers both seascapes and landscape opportunities side by side.  This morning also happens to be a snowy one, more accurately a snowy night before.  The goal was to photograph a snowy downtown village at first light. Read more