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Few compositional elements bring a smile to a landscape photographer's face than a well-placed reflection. Reflections generally signal other favorable conditions are present for impactful images. Conditions such as mist and low winds generally help create sharp reflections. Mornings offer the best opportunity to find crisp reflections. The presence of a reflection increases the compositional impact to an otherwise pedestrian composition and increasing compositional opportunities tenfold. While the opportunities are endless, you will need...

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The northern half of Italy offers some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Europe. For the purposes of this post, my definition of northern Italy is from the city of Florence north to the Swiss border. Along with Florence, (and the Tuscan region) this includes the cities of Venice and Milan. North of these cities the region is home to lakes and majestic mountain ranges. Lake Como and the Dolomites are excellent examples of...

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Red Rocks and Baseball

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I like landscape photography; I also love baseball. Arizona offers an abundance of both in March. The warm weather is a bonus for a winter weary east coast visitor.

I packed my camera bag, did the required photo location research and...

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