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I want to say that my very first film camera was a Nikon but, that honor belongs to a Yashica Palmatic 110 pocket camera in the early 1970s. Not even my second camera was a Nikon; it was a Canon Canonet rangefinder-style camera in the mid-1970s. The Canonet was the first camera that gave me some manual control of exposure. The first Nikon camera I received was an FG SLR as a gift at college graduation in...

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Zooming into Landscapes

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Ask any ten photographers what a landscape photo is, and you will get ten different answers. The truth is that most of their definitions would be correct. There really is no set definition; you just know it when you see it. I define landscape photos as any image that conveys the photographer's connection to the outdoor environment. That leaves the door open to any subject. It can be representational, impressionistic, abstract, urban, minimalist, rural, and...

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