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Another year comes to a close. It's only natural to look back at my photographic efforts of the last twelve months. My focus here will be on my successes. Those rare instances when I get it right - in my opinion, of course. This past year was a busy one with lots of travel. A late summer trip to Europe, winter in Key West, Florida and three trips to the Maine Coast. Mix in several trips to other New England...

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Favorite 2017 Photos

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Like countless others on the internet its time for me to pick my personal favorite 2017  images.  Thousands of photos spanning all four seasons with one simple goal - to find my favorite photos.  The criteria for selection is simple, it has to be one of my favorites.   Picking a personal favorite can happen a number of ways, a fond memory of the excursion or location.  An image need not be perfect (or even good) for inclusion.   Even technical problems or a...
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Holiday week and the second to last week of the year.  The holidays are spent at home on Long Island, so this weeks photo is from home.  I quick early winter morning trip to Northport village.  The village is just five minutes from my home and offers both seascapes and landscape opportunities side by side.  This morning also happens to be a snowy one, more accurately a snowy night before.  The goal was to photograph a snowy downtown village at first light. Read more