Photo of the Week 2017 – The Conclusion

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Back at the beginning of 2017, I decided that I would embark on a year-long project, to highlight one photograph each week and supply a short, simple blog about that photo.  The goal was to end with 52 photos that recapped my year of taking photos.  There were a few simple rules, or more specifically, guidelines.  The photo had to be taken during the week.  This was more of an exercise to force me to use my cameras every week, no matter where I was, no matter what else I was doing.  I  achieved my ultimate goal, I ended with 52 photos and I blogged on each one.  I can not guarantee that each photo was worthy of the honor, but I had only seven days to work with.  I did not travel far and wide in 2017 since frequent travel makes a project like this easier, so I had to get creative close to home.   The final totals for the year included photos from seven different US states and Bermuda using seven different cameras and eleven different lenses.  Included below is a slideshow of all 52 photos placed to music.  Feel free to backtrack through the blog posts to get particular information and any one image.




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