Photo-of-the week – April 9th

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This week’s photo was taken on a recent trip to  The College at Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.  This college will be my son’s academic home for the next four years starting this fall.  The college is old and very scenic.  Photographically, this college is right out of central casting for the traditional New England stately college – even in the spring.  Since I was not there for photographic reason I was some what limited in my opportunities and equipment.  My camera of choice is the new Canon G9X Mark II point and shoot camera.  A small shirt pocket camera the packs a big punch.  The camera is feature rich and image quality is good, you can see an early post about the camera.

This week’s selected photo is taken on the steps of the school’s library looking towards the other side of campus.  My choice was to process this images as a Black & White since the sky was clear blue and uninteresting.  I thought that removing any color would highlight the shapes and forms.  The photo is also a play on perspective since the sculpture is much smaller than the building it seems to be clutching.


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