Photo of the Week – August 20th

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The waning days of the summer season on Long Island signal shorter days and  compact sunsets and sunrises.  This week I chose to take a ride to Long Island’s shore shore to visit some of our more famous (and crowded) beaches.  These sandy beaches face both the Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean offering wide expansion views with lots of sand, dunes, high grass, shore birds and even the occasional lighthouse.  These are a popular destinations for tourists and locals alike.  Getting clean shots for sunset is tough due to the crowds; even sunrise can get a little busy in the summer.

This particular day I chose to visit Captree State Park for the day’s last light.  The park faces both the Great South Bay to the north and the Fire Island inlet and Atlantic Ocean to the south.  It is also home to a large fleet of commercial party fishing boats.  The park is small but is packed with lots of potential image opportunities.  On this particular night the fading light was not the best and faded quickly behind some clouds and haze and I figured my best bet was to head to the south end of the park and try to catch some nice evening light looking at the Fire Island Lighthouse off in the distance.  Heavy winds limited my options however, I decided to use the waving tall grass as foreground.






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