Photo of the Week – August 27th

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The last week of August and a summer trip to Boston, MA.  The trip actually starts with trip to Worcester, MA. to drop my son off for his first year at the College of the Holy Cross.  My wife and I assisted him with his college move-in; wished him well and made our way to Boston.  Boston is one of my favorite cities.  The photo opportunities are numerous with the harbor and the North End topping the list.  On this weekend the North End celebrates their Feast of St. Anthony for the 98th year.  The North End has long been known for its Italian restaurants and long narrow alleys.  It’s also is home to many early American history landmarks like the Old North Church, Paul Revere’s Home and the First Town Square in the United States.  When you mix all these ingredients together you get a lots of good photo subjects. Good photos can be had at any time of day  however, just after sunrise is always my favorite.  The narrow streets are eerily absent of any activity and you get the feeling that you are all alone in this big city.  Shortly the bakeries and coffee shops start to come alive with activity.

This week’s photo was actually taken after sunset on a well lit alley which provides and entry way to many apartments for North End inhabitants.  What I liked most was the soft lighting and lines.



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