Photo of the Week – August 6th

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This week started with the final day of my cyclist photography trip in Vermont with GFA (see prior week’s post for details).  This week’s photo is another landscape excursion prior to my duties with the cyclists later in the morning.  This photo was taken along what would eventually be the cyclist route for the day however, I was there just after sunrise, the cyclists were there a few hours later.  This sunrise was uneventful meaning the sky was devoid of any dramatic elements (Cool clouds or weather).

My task on this morning was to find some decent foreground to match with a quickly rising sun.  I wanted to catch a sun-ray star effect and maybe some attractive glare.  I was able to find a field that offered some interesting foreground, if I got low and shot directly into the sun.  A wide angle lens and a lofty aperture would be needed to pull off this task.  Hopefully I succeeded.  This week’s photo is from South Woodstock, Vermont


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