Photo of the Week – December 31st

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The final photo of the week for 2017 comes from the same place where the project started back in January, Vermont.  This is the 52nd and last photo of the week.  The project has taken me through all four seasons and plenty of locations.  My travels in 2017 brought me to locations such as Bermuda, West Virginia, Long Island and many, many trips all around the New England region.  This weeks photo is taken on a very very cold Vermont morning.  The final week of 2017 has seen the northeastern United States in the grips of one of the coldest air masses in recent memory.  Each morning for more than a week straight temperatures ranged between 18 and 25 degrees below zero.  Taking photos at these temperatures creates certain unique challenges, you can view my post from a couple of weeks ago at Images of just that topic (here), but venture out I did.  When the thermometer reaches these numbers the winter landscape takes on a different personality and it would be a shame to pass up that opportunity just to avoid some frozen fingers or toes.

In these conditions, I like to venture into rivers and streams to capture the frozen landscape and the almost always present frozen mist.  I generally, prefer to shot into the sun on these frozen mornings, it adds contrast and a warm element to a very cold scene.  This weeks photo is a wide view of the Otterquechee River as it winds its way through Woodstock, Vermont.  I believe it is a fitting photo to end a year-long project.


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