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July concluded with a four day trip to Vermont.  The main purpose was to photograph cyclists as they navigated the Vermont countryside and benefiting a good cause at the same time.  Great Freedom Adventures was the tour company (GFA) and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) is the cause.  The Cyclists spent three days exploring the sights, sounds, tastes that make Vermont a special place for outdoor activities.  My job was to record all that and help them raise funds for a good cause.  Follow these links to find out more about both organizations.

Great Freedom Adventures Tours 

PSC Foundation 

I did make some time in the early mornings for some quick landscape photography excursions to some of my favorite summer locations.  Groton State Forest in Central Vermont is high on that list of favorites.  The forest is dotted with several lakes, ponds, streams and some nice scenic overlooks.  There are numerous miles of trails that allow productive hikes even for those who have to budget heir time.  For those with no time restraints you can camp here and spend days exploring all the trails.

This week’s photo is a product of one short hike (about 2 hours total).  I traveled along one of the streams as it makes its way from one of the larger lakes in the forest.  The heavy vegetation and fast moving water make for a serene traditional Vermont outdoor scene.


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