Photo of the Week – July 9th

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This week finds me and my cameras still roaming up and down the southern Maine coast line.  My goals remain the same look for interesting coastal scenes that bring together the simple elements of lines, light and moment.  I find that those three elements when found together (or brought together) will always yield a pleasing image.

This week’s images was taken at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine.  This is a  pre – sunrise photo, which means that it was taken around 4:55 AM since sunrise is 5:05 AM at this time of year.  This photo embodies the three elements mentioned above.  The clouds and coastline form directional lines that lead to eye into the middle of the frame.  The Light is the pre dawn illumination of the clouds and the ensuing reflection in the tidal pool.  The moment is just before dawn, the sky remained this dramatic for roughly 90 seconds.  After that the sky gave rise to bright light of the risen sun.


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