Photo of the Week – June 11th

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It’s the second week of June and (on schedule) summer arrives on Long Island.  Temperatures topped out in the lower 90’s f and sunny hazy skies greeted us for the weekend.  In these conditions  I like to head down to the ocean beaches on Long Island’s south shore.  Both morning or afternoon light works, this weekend I chose afternoon light.  So I grabbed my Fujifilm X-T2 and my 50-140 mm f2.8 and the 16-55 mm f2.8 lens and headed for the shoreline.

I chose the area around the Captree Boat basin for its north facing and south facing views.  Conditions were good with one exception, the wind.  It was very windy.  My original plan was to arrive and photograph the abstract reflections along the piers however, the heavy winds put an end to that.  So I immediately moved on the plan B, find some way to incorporate the wind into he photos.  I have seen may professionals do this with success and have always wanted to try it myself.  I slowed down my shutter speed and let the wind blow the subject through the exposure.  Though I was somewhat happy with the results I have a long way to go to match the professionals.

This week’s photo is one of those wind blown trials.


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