Photo of the Week – June 18th

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This week I took a quick overnight trip to Rockport, Massachusetts.  Actually is was a scheduled overnight trip to drop my son off at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Ma for orientation.  Nothing against Worcester, it is a lovely city but for photo opportunities I figured my chances were better if I made the hour and fifteen minute drive to Rockport and spent the night there.  This offered me one sunset and one sunrise in Rockport.  Hopefully the weather would cooperate with my small window of opportunity.  It did not.  The sunny afternoon gave way to clouds a half hour before sunset stealing any chance of dramatic light just before or after sunset.  Excessive winds were a problem my entire 24 hours there.  The wind took away any harbor water reflections and made for lots of moving subjects.

The following morning’s sunrise was blocked by heavy cloud cover which lasted all day.  My only opportunity came at 4:53 AM when for a matter of two minutes the sun poked itself out just prior to sunrise.  This gave me a very quick chance to catch some predawn light.  Then it was gone, for good.  This weeks photo is a product of that two minutes.  The night’s darkness along the ocean coast starts to lose it grip and gives way to the light of a new day in a colorful display.






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