Photo of the Week – June 25th

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This week’s photo excursion was a sunset bike ride through one of my local State Parks’ – Caumsett State Park.  Caumsett is well represented on the pages of this site as it is one of my favorite local places to shoot in all seasons.  This park offers lots of beach access to the Long Island Sound at sunset.  Like the rest of Long Island’s North Shore it is a rocky coastline, perfect for foreground subjects.  All the elements are present for good composition – a westward facing sky for sunset, a large body of water, lots of foreground subjects.  If I don’t get something good its my fault.

My sunset shoot did not start well.  Before leaving,  I quickly grab a camera body, lens, and tripod – my standard biking photo equipment.  My camera body of choice is the FujiFilm X-T2, only when I got there did I realize that I mistakenly grabbed the X-T1.  No big deal, still a great camera.  My sunset landscape/biking lens of choice is the Fuji 16- 55 mm f2.8, except I grabbed the 10 -24 mm f4 lens.  No big problem again, its a workhorse lens. I will just shoot with a wider angle, no close-ups tonight.  Starting to see a pattern here?  I did grab the right tripod.

I spent the next two hours photographing with my “new” kit.  The evening still had one more surprise.  When I got home that evening and downloaded my photos I realized that the camera had been set to use the JPEG format.  I almost always capture photos in the camera’s RAW file format.  Oh well, as long as my exposures are somewhat accurate good images should still be achievable.  Fuji’s X camera series has a reputation for producing excellent JPEG images right out of the camera, so this would be my test.

I did find some photos I liked and the camera, lens, and in the end, file format did not matter much.  Equipment is very rarely the sole reason for good or bad images.  This weeks photo is one that I like because of its composition elements.


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