Photo of the Week – November 5th

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The first week of November finds me back home on Long Island and searching for fall foliage photos.  After spending most of October in New England I have become accustomed to viewing foliage at its absolute best.  Even if New England does not have a great foliage year there are still areas that are spectacular.  When I want to find good autumn colors on Long Island I strap my off-road bicycle to the back of my Jeep and grab my camera backpack and head to Caumsett State Park.  Even though it lacks the sugar maple trees of New England I find it a most favorable comparison.  It also happens to be the deer tick capital of the world, or at least it gets my vote.  As I write this in December, my four-week antibiotic course comes to an end in a few days.

Generally, the first week of November is prime time here for good color.  The colors seemed a little late this year, but there was certainly enough to keep me busy.    On this day I came with a task in mind, a certain type image I was looking to create.  Fallen leaves contrasting against the dark wet background of the local salt marsh.  This bight cloudy day afforded the opportunity to accomplish this task.  I found plenty of subjects scattered about and lots of composition choices.  I photographed leaves of all colors, shapes, and sizes.  I photographed them in bunches, in odd numbers, even numbers and solo.  In the end, I selected a solo yellow leave resting comfortably on the muddy shoreline were the salty marsh waters meet the woodlands.  The leaf’s vibrant color resting on the stark dark backdrop caught my eye.


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