Photo of the Week – October 1st

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October means one thing, fall foliage and New England  – Vermont in particular.  My favorite photography time and topic is New England in  Autumn.  My autumn always kicks off with a trip to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom the first week of October.  This region located as its name suggests in the very top northeast corner of the state.  This region is home to some of the states highest elevations and some of its earliest fall color.  The first week of October is usually when the colors are at their best and leaf drop starts to become prevalent.  There are other parts of the state alive with color during this time.  Areas such as the spine of the Green Mountains and the very beginning of the Green Mountain State Forest in southwest part of the state in Manchester. While every autumn is different and the exact timing is left to the mother nature’s unpredictability.  This year the color was late and spotty to start.  A spat of early Autumn;  July-like weather started to throw a monkey wrench into autumn’s annual show.  Finding good color would become difficult.

I arrived in State on October 1st and my goal was to spend nine of the first 14 days of the month in Vermont.   Photographing reflections has always been a favorite of mine and fall foliage works just great.  This weeks photo was taken the very first day I arrived and depicts early color as it reflects in a mountain pond.


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