Photo of the Week – October 8th

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Still in Vermont as the first week of October draws to a close.  Even though the fall foliage has been spotty and uneventful up at this point in the season,  good things will come to those who wait.  Patience is an absolute necessity in landscape photography.   On this morning I decided to visit on of my favorite morning places in Vermont.  The town of Marshfield is home to several locations that always seem to come though when I need some dramatic scenery.  A visit to one of the many ponds finds ample morning mist (fog), a nice compliment to the tempered hues of the season.  The winds are calm, all I needed to do is wait for the sun to rise high enough in the sky to light up that mist.   This morning it did not disappoint.  The mist and the light even remained for some time allowing me time to capture many frames of this lovely scene.

This weeks’ photo is one of my favorites from that morning (one of many).


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