Photo of the Week – September 17th

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This week I decide to take a pre-dawn stroll to one of the local beach/State Parks close to my home on the north shore of Long Island.  Sunken Meadow State Park is located directly on the sandy beaches of the Long Island Sound and stares directly out to Connecticut a few miles to the north.  The park is home to more than just sandy beaches, it is also home to a marsh lands, The Sunken Meadow Creek and at its eastern most tip the mouth of the  Nissequogue River.  There is also abundant wildlife, especially shorebirds in the park.  The park is a good spot for both sunset and sunrise photography.

My goal this week was to capture the park at sunrise.  No particular subject goal in mind, just get there and see what was happening.  I brought both a very long lens and a wide angle zoom.  I was making sure I was prepared for a varying degree of subject choices.  The beach is navigated mostly by three quarter mile long boardwalk.   The boardwalk on most days his home to many locals getting their daily walking exercise, but if you get there early enough you can have the place to yourself for a few moments.  The boardwalk makes for nice composition lines.  If you position yourself correctly at this time of year these lines lead directly into a rising sun, all great elements for an impactful image.   With camera (and tripod) in hand and subject matter selected, I started the process of getting this weeks photo.


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