Photo of the Week – September 24th

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I  never get tired of sunsets (actually just after sunset) on the beach.  The hues and shades of a vast sky as it progresses from the bright blue of late afternoon to the dark orange and magenta of dusk.   I am not alone in my admiration of this daily exercise.  All one has to do is survey the size of the crowd that arrives at the beach 20 minutes before a sunset.  The colors of sunset work very well with the reflective qualities of water.  Arrive at low tide and you will usually find tidal pools.  Small (sometimes large) pools of water that have been separated from the rest of the receding tidal waters.   They make excellent reflective bodies.   That was the plan for this week’s photo.  Catch the changing hues of the sky as the sun sets in the tidal pools reflection.  On this night the photo gods were smiling on me.  They provided a bright orange sky and several large tidal pools.   The rest was up to me.   All I had to do was find some interesting lines and hopefully add some people to add perspective and scale.  This week’s photo was taken at Crab Meadow Town Beach in Northport.


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