Photowalk Through Worcester, MA.

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Generally, my photography pursuits have been focused on natural landscapes. An early morning walk through a forest or a pre-dawn seashore excursion or the sun’s first light on the mountain tops is the stuff that drives landscape photographers. I like all those things. I also like street photography and always jump at the opportunity to grab my Fujifilm X100T rangefinder-style digital camera and it the streets.

I find street photography more difficult than a landscape scene. The type of street photography I like generally lacks any people. I am more drawn to the landscape composition of an urban setting. I guess the term I am searching for is The Urban Landscape. Applying the concepts of lines, light and moment on an urban scene. The inclusion of people makes it too difficult for me. I often see street photos with people walking down the street and that’s the whole image – two people walking down the street.

I always try to sneak in some street photography whenever I travel. Often trips to landscape locations start and end with a night or two in a city. That’s where the airports are. I enjoy the morning photo walks the best. There are far fewer people moving around than other parts of the day. I get out at sunrise and start wandering around sections of the city. Very rarely do I have a plan. I try and find a subject I like and hope I get the proper light. I keep my equipment light. Often I use a rangefinder digital camera with a fixed lens. If I am using a mirrorless DSLR camera then I will only take one lens, often a prime lens with a 35 mm focal length.

On this particular Tuesday, I was in Worcester Massachusetts. I grabbed my Fujifilm X100T and heading out a sunrise. It was in the middle of February so it was cold but sunny. My challenge was to find some color and good light. (Note: Even though these photos look like a city on lockdown, it was actually before the COVID-19 issues. It was just a normal Tuesday morning.)

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