Southern Maine Coast in July

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Few places are busier than the Coast of Maine in July.  The tagline on the bottom of the state license plate is Vacationland, and they mean it.  It is easy to see the attraction, vast beaches, good weather, lots of ocean recreation all rolled up in a classic rugged New England Coastline.  Summer vacation for me (and the family) for the last twenty years is a week in Kennebunkport Maine.  Kennebunkport sits on the very southern end of the Maine coast, just a half hour car ride from the New Hamshire border and 45 minutes south of Portland.  The coastline south of Portland is dotted with popular summer seaside communities like Kittery, Ogunquit, Wells, and Biddeford.  Each one packed with tourists, but each equally photogenic.  Multiple opportunities exist for the eager landscape/seascape enthusiasts.  You will need a good working alarm clock.  The Maine Coast looks its best just before and just after sunrise which happens to be just before 5 AM the first week of July.  That means getting up at 3:45 most mornings, depending on travel to the destination some mornings could be earlier.  It may not be ideal for vacation but for those willing to make an effort the rewards can be significant.

My equipment on this trip was my standard Fujifilm X-T2 and the backup X-T1 body and a larger backpack filled with several Fujifilm lens.  My Favorite 10- 24mm on the wide end up to the 100 -400mm on the long end and plenty of choices in-between.   I was testing a new piece of equipment this trip, the recently released Fujifilm X-T100 camera.  The camera had been released just three days before my departure to Maine.   This little mirrorless camera is aimed at those looking for their first mirrorless camera but still want all the conveniences of a mobile phone camera.  Its goal is to combine the social features of mobile photography with the robust demands of the serious photographer.  The camera is equipped with Bluetooth and wireless and a multi-directional rear screen to make those selfies easy.  For the serious photographer, the camera sports a 24 MP Fuji sensor and the Fuji X mount to attach the full array of Fujifilm lens.  All this in a very compact fit-in-your-hand design.  I found the camera a great “walking around” camera that will also serve as an emergency back up body to the more robust Fujifilm models like the XT-2.

The weather for the week was great – for vacation.  Not so great for great photography.  All days started and ended with clear skies and no mist/fog.  There was one sunset in which we were treated to some new skies at dusk, and I took advantage.  When the weather does not cooperate – photographically, I switch my focus (pun intended) to isolating subjects.  Using a longer lens and tighter themes I can still convey the coastal life in Maine without the expansive seascapes.  Maine remains one of my favorite places to photograph in any season.

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