14 Favorites of 2014

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It is only natural that at the end of a year to look back and review the years photos.  Following other photographers and their blogs most have listed their personal favorites and I thought I would follow suit.  The criteria to make my list is simple – i just have to like it, well really like it .  I don’t have to have a particular reason, it may not even be a good photo technically.  It may be one of my favorites for a number of reasons, I may like because of fond memories of when it was captured.

All of this years photos were captured within the confines of the United States.  This year saw trips to Utah, and all the New England States and of course plenty of options right here at home on Long Island.  So here is my list:


Bethel, VT

30 Seconds of sunrise on a cloudy day in Bethel, VT makes the wait worthwhile.












Weathersfield, VT

The running stream in Autumn takes on an angelic look in Weatherfield, VT.










Cold at Ssnrise but worth it.





Just like the placement of these two barns in South Woodstock, VT










Low – Tide provides unique access at the Portland Headlight.









Lonely Tree greets the sun rise on the coast of Acadia National Park.
















One of my most favorites of the year. Simple expression of the Autumn season. Acadia National Park











One of my favorite places to go and take photos. Jordan’s Pond Acadia National Park.













Lucky Shot as jogger passes the flag. Boston Harbor.














Love to walk Boston’s North End at sunrise with my camera. Lots to see and photograph.












Long Island


Water Skiing at Sunset in Centerport, LI











Sprinkler keeping the sod green in Waiting River, LI









Lloyd's Neck LI

Autumn in Lloyd s Neck, LI. I like all the leading lines in this photo.










Old over grown building at the now abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center in infrared. I Just like the feel.













So those are my favorites.  Feel free to comment on any of these or if you see others on this site that you think belong then let me know.







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