April 16th and 23rd

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Second and third week of April have been busy.  The Eater Holiday and a trip to Bermuda.  This post I will include two images to make up for this time period.  Both will be from Bermuda.  This is my first ever trip to Bermuda.  My cameras of Choice was the Fujifilm X-T2 and the X100T.  One wide angle lens (10-24mm), one telephone (18 – 135 mm) and one prime 35mm f2.  This is my small easy to travel on a plane kit.  I also included my recently converted to Infrared Fujifilm X-E2 camera.  Bermuda with its abundant sunshine and lush vegetation makes a great infrared subject.  I assumed that and was happy when I turned out to be correct.

For these two weeks I selected on traditional photo and one infrared.







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