August 24th – Connemara region, Irleand

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Today we left beautiful Donegal for a three and hour drive down the west coast of Ireland to the mountainous region of Connemara.  The drive took us back though towns such as Silgo and Tuppercurry and new ones like Westport and Castlebar.  The drive through the region is one of the most visual in all of Ireland.  The area offers majestic mountains and charming seaside cottages, the landscape features many large rivers offering some of the best salmon and brown trout fly fishing in the country.  The many small fishing villages offer ocean fisherman plenty also.  There is also a vibrant summer beach community in several locations, it is just to bad the country does not offer much in the way of good beach weather (by my standards).

The trip ended with our arrival at our next castle and overnight accoumadations – the Ballynahinch Castle.  This rustic castle is tucked away deep in the woods of Cannemara and offers many activities on the their large well manicured grounds.  Tomorrow it is fly fishing for salmon in the morning and then a two hour drive to Adare Castle, our fourth and final castle on this trip.



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