Ireland August 23rd – Donegal County

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Today was our second day in Donegal County (our only full day).  The weather has been good for most of our trip but today was a bit more wet than most.  We decided to take the hour long drive up the northwest coast to visit the Slieve League Cliffs.  These cliffs are the largest seaside cliffs in all of Europe and larger than the more popular Cliffs of Moher in southern Ireland.  The difference in height from its southern cousins may be minimal but there are far less people and its free.  The trip up to the cliffs can be a little difficult at times, but you learn to look straight out the front window and not the side as you drive up.  Once you get there you realize it was worth all the effort, because the cliffs are truly spectacular.

The day finished with the highlight of our trip as we dined with “Irish Armstrong’s” at the Solis Lough Eske.  In total 13 of us (four generations) had dinner and exchanged family history and told stories and compared notes regarding the American and Irish versions of each.  We enjoyed it immensely.

Tomorrow morning its off to the seaside community of Connemara and the Castle Ballynahinch.

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