My Ten Favorite Photos of 2018

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Another year comes to a close. It’s only natural to look back at my photographic efforts of the last twelve months. My focus here will be on my successes. Those rare instances when I get it right – in my opinion, of course. This past year was a busy one with lots of travel. A late summer trip to Europe, winter in Key West, Florida and three trips to the Maine Coast. Mix in several trips to other New England locations and my photo opportunity basket began to fill quickly. The short descriptions below offer insight into my thinking at the time of capture.

Long Island Sound

The Long Island Sound is just minutes from my home. I ventured out late afternoon on a frigid January day to capture the setting sun. What caught my eye was the late light reflecting on the freshly frozen Sound.

Port Judith, Rhode Island

The Southern Rhode Island Ocean Coast is one of New England’s hidden gems. Miles of pristine beaches and crashing waves offer ample opportunities. This May morning was misty and quiet. The ocean provided all the drama.

Killington, Vermont

The last week of May is when the Green Mountains of Vermont earn their name. Hiking along Killington’s Roaring Brook a spotted this vertical composition. This serene scene was captured using a long exposure and the afternoon light filtering in from the top right-hand corner.

Kennebunkport, Maine

The Coastline of Maine in the summer is treasure of photographic opportunities. I tend to lean towards the simple, quiet images. This photo makes good use of the negative space while keeping an anchor point for the viewers eye. I intentionally used a square crop to bring attention to all the lines.

Kennebunkport, Maine

As I mentioned above, the Maine coastline is diverse. This photo was taken the day after the one above. It is also taken less than a mile from that location. I like the post-sunset light and reflection offset by the dark sharp rocks.

Tuscany, Italy

Point your camera in any direction in Tuscany at sunrise and you won’t be disappointed. The rolling hills, morning mist, and golden sunlight all mix well here. A perfect September memory.

Woodbury, Vermont

New England in the fall is beautiful and Vermont in the brightest jewel in the New England Necklace. This view made the straight climb up, the wet leaves and the steep, slippery trek down all worth it. Mid-October in north central Vermont.

Acadia National Park, Maine

My most favorite location to photograph is Acadia National Park in Northern Maine. The park offers a diverse set of subject matter all in a very small area. Mountains, wooded forest, rugged coastline, animals, and lots of weather can be experienced in a single photo excursion. The location above is Schoodic Point located on about an hours drive from the main park in Bar Harbor. This has earned the nickname the “Quiet Side” of Acadia. Only about ten percent of the park visitors make it over to this peninsula. This photo was taken just after sunet in late September. i was the only one there.

Boulder Beach Acadia National Park, Maine

Mid-November and back to Acadia. The weather was very January like. We had bitter cold temperatures and a snow storm, which is just fine. Sunrise on Boulder Beach is a very popular location, we were lucky to have it all to ourselves. The freshly fallen snow reminds me of powdered sugar. I love the morning light on Otter Cliffs in the distance.

Otter Cliffs Acadia National Park, Maine

Taken same morning as above. All the same superlatives apply. Probably one of my best days photographing as I returned with several images I liked. Very rare indeed.

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