Photo of the Week – January 29th

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It’s the end of January and still no winter weather worthy of a photo excursion.  In fact, there really has not been any bad weather to speak around these parts.  This week I decided to spend a few hours one afternoon at the South Street Seaport in New York City.  The Seaport with its vista views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the borough of Brooklyn make it a favorite any time of year.  Along with the vistas the area also serves up plenty of street photography opportunities of vendors, performers, tourists and others that do not fit into any other known category.  I also like the cityscapes visible from this area.

My camera of choice this afternoon was my Fujifilm X100T rangefinder type camera.  The camera uses a fixed prime lens a very capable 23mm F2 lens, which means that you have to think and move around if you want the lens to work for you.  The photo below, with some editing help from Lightroom CC has plenty of lines and subjects and is just busy enough to be interesting but not confusing.  I edited it in Black & White to keep the viewers attention on the shapes and tones.

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