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The recent cold snap in the Northeast and New England created some bone chilling temperatures with some days in Northern New England not even reaching zero on some days.  This can be a good thing for photography provided you own a good pair of snow boots a warm jacket and capable gloves you can take advantage of those photo opportunities.

Digital cameras for the most part work as designed in these temperatures, just keep plenty of batteries warm and ready to go.   You have to limit your cameras exposure to the cold.  Plan on photographing out side know more than 20 -30 minutes at a time unless you have a way to keep your camera warm while out in the elements.   It’s a good idea to keep your exposure to small amounts of time exposed also.  Limit the temperature of your car or other shelter as racing into a warm car with ice cold equipment can cause big problems.  Condensation drops can firm on the inside of a sealed lens destroying its function, maybe for good.  Store bought hand and toe warmer packages are worth their weight in gold on these winter days.

The best part of winter photography is light – directional light.  Morning light and afternoon light are with you all day long creating long days of photography.  The cold crisp air has a way of sharping the light and intensifying the colors of winter.

Winter is a great time for these opportunities you just have to learn to fight the urge to stay in bed or sit by the fire.

Reading, VT.

Reading, VT.


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