Vermont Fall Foliage 2016

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Each autumn I take a trip up to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, A name affectionately coined by a Vermont State senator back in the 1940’s to describe the upper northeast corner of the state.  I also like to include visits to Groton Stater Forest and the surrounding towns of Peacham and Marshfield.  These places while not technically in the Northeast Kingdom, are just a short drive and often offer plenty of photographic opportunities and the annual foliage progression seems to be in lock step with the Kingdom.  All of these areas seem to hit peak foliage during the first few days of October.  This year I was there from October 3rd to October 7th.

The foliage in central and northern Vermont was excellent.  Probably the best in years.  The reds were vibrant and the weather was cooperative, making for excellent photography conditions.  All I needed to do was use this good fortune to my advantage.  Optimal foliage and weather conditions does not guarantee Photographic results, you still have to be up for the challenge.  Mother Nature did her part but do have the experience and effort to benefit.  The answer is I do not know, I hope I did because next year the conditions may not be as conducive.

The equipment used for this trip was my relatively new Fujifilm X-T2 and the X-T1.  The lens of choice for most of the photos was the 16 -55 f2.8.  Although i do like to use the 10 – 24 mm f4 and the 50 -140 mm f2.8.  Those three lens are my most used when traveling and offer an nice focal range of 10 – 140 mm (15 – 210 mm APS adjusted).  I occasionally will also use the 35 mm f2 for its image quality and small size.  When place on the X-T2 or X-T1 it gives the camera a rangefinder like quality.































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