Vermont Fall Foliage update

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Tuesday and Wednesday here in Vermont has treated us to more cloudy, rainy, misty days.  The sunrises and sunsets seem to be missing in action and finding good color is getting harder and harder – but not impossible.  Joined by several other photographers this week we went on a long search for Vermont Fall Foliage scenes.  Our travels took us all over the Connecticut River Valley to the Green Mountains (Killington) and even a brief trip into New Hampshire.  The main mission over the last couple of days was to capture Vermont scenes while staying dry.  For me the toughest task was to create images while keeping the bright white sky out of the picture.  These bright skies brought on by misty fog can really hurt a photo.  The mist can be used creatively as long as it not part of the sky.  Looking forward, the sun is predicted to make an appearance over the next couple of days – but we have heard that tune before, here’s to hoping ther’re right this time.

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