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A Place by a Sharp Rock

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New York State is large and has a very diverse landscape. It is home to one of the world's most populous cities, vast mountain ranges, and enormous open rural spaces. Over 19 million people call it home. The State has a park system that is every bit as robust and diverse.

The New York State Park system is home to over 200 State Parks, which total over 350,000 acres. I have not visited...

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Back home this week and hoping to spend an, evening at my favorite four season local spot for good Landscape and Seascape photography - Caumsett State Park.  The State Park, once the large estate of famous retailer Marshall Field III was donated to New York State many years ago.  The grounds offer densely wooded trails and miles of beachfront facing Connecticut and the Long Island Sound.  The beaches are mostly north and west facing making them good spots for late day/sunset photos.  The park...
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This week's photo excursion was a sunset bike ride through one of my local State Parks' - Caumsett State Park.  Caumsett is well represented on the pages of this site as it is one of my favorite local places to shoot in all seasons.  This park offers lots of beach access to the Long Island Sound at sunset.  Like the rest of Long Island's North Shore it is a rocky coastline, perfect for foreground subjects.  All the elements are present for good...
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