My Ten Favorite Photos of 2020

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This year is like no other. No need to rehash the reasons everyone is keenly aware of how and why 2020 is unique. The effects on those that like to travel to take photos have been severe and total. Landscape photographers are part of the worldwide travel and tourism industry. That industry has been halted until further notice. Landscape photography in 2020 is limited to what you can explore via your private automobile. While destinations may be limited, photo opportunities have not. Just because a location is within a few hours’ drive of your home does not mean it is any less photogenic. Fine images are made wherever and whenever you find them. With all this in mind, I have sat down and picked my favorite images of 2020.

Every year I add the same caveat to this list. I do not claim that these photos are great images. They are neither technically nor ascetically perfect. They are my favorites, and that is the only criteria I require to be included in this list. A photo’s reason for inclusion can be many. Sometimes it is a memory of being there on location at that moment. Sometimes it’s just the color or lines of a photo or one small particular element like a tree or a reflection. Whatever the reason, these are my ten favorites and here’s to a better 2021.

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