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Back home this week and hoping to spend an, evening at my favorite four season local spot for good Landscape and Seascape photography – Caumsett State Park.  The State Park, once the large estate of famous retailer Marshall Field III was donated to New York State many years ago.  The grounds offer densely wooded trails and miles of beachfront facing Connecticut and the Long Island Sound.  The beaches are mostly north and west facing making them good spots for late day/sunset photos.  The park also offers plenty wildlife and birds for those looking to photograph shorebirds.

Since the park is less than 10 miles from my home, I selected an evening that I thought would offer good late day and sunset conditions.  The park is large and an off-road bicycle is my choice to get around quickly especially once it gets dark, it helps with the long trek back to the car.  The bike also lets me take more equipment with me such as a lightweight tripod and multiple lens.

This night the conditions did not disappoint.  The skies offered some interesting clouds and hues as the sun began it final descent.   One of my goals this evening was to get some good frames just after the sun sets. This is a short period of time known as the blue hour.  I wanted to use a long exposure to smooth out the waves and clouds and create a “pastel” look.

This weeks photo is from the north facing beach looking out across the Long Island Sound at Connecticut.  This section of the beach offers a rocky coastline and these large rocks make for great foreground objects.  The exposure is 9 seconds which helped me catch the pastel hues in the fading sky.


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