Photo of the Week – November 19th

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Stick season, the time after the leaves and before snow, in Vermont offers a unique set of photographic challenges.  There is a cold starkness to the landscape with lots of brown everywhere.  This is the time of year when I look for interesting light or dramatic skies.   If neither of those subjects are working then I will look to streams and work with running water.  Water can always offer interesting competitions.  On this particular trip, I was greeted by each day with bright cloudy skies, so good dramatic light or skies was not happening.  I headed out for one of my favorite water locations – Buttermilk Falls.  Buttermilk Falls in located in the shadow of Okemo Mountain in the town of Ludlow in southern central Vermont.  Ample precipitation had fallen in the weeks prior which allowed for good water levels and flow .  When I arrived the temperatures were cold enough for ice to form on sections of the stream.  My goal was to catch the water with a slow shutter speed and capturing some of the ice to help create the sense that this was late autumn and the snows of winter are but a moment away.


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