Photo of the Week – October 15th

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The second week of October finds me in Vermont for a second time this month.  This time I am working as a hiking/photography guide for Great Freedom Adventures (  That means I will be spending my day hours walking the hills and fields of Connecticut River Valley.  Guiding people from all over the world though the hills of Vermont  is fun and you get to meet new friends.  Most of my guiding is done in the late-morning early afternoon leaving the early mornings and sunsets for my own personal photography. My photography would have to be contained to the Woodstock area.  I had to be available for GFA at 9 AM each day.  I visited the neighboring town of Bridgewater for a sunrise image.  The town has several back roads with farms and horse barns.  Most of my favorite roads face the rising sun and provide excellent first light each morning.  This week’s photo is one of the those horse barns on one of those back roads, taken just as the sun rises over the horizon.  The light provided here in the mornings is always deep and plentiful.


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