Photo of the Week – January 22, 2017

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Mother Nature has been stingy with interesting Winter weather here on Long Island.  The days this week have been filled with clear skies and balmy temperatures.  This means slim photo opportunities.  Also arriving this wee was my recently ordered FujiFilm XF 1.4 converter lens.  This adapter adds 1.4 times the focal length to any Fuji XF lens to which it is attached.  My main purpose was to use this with my FujiFilm XF 50-140 mm 2.8 lens, making this lens a 70 – 196 mm lens.  One afternoon with the temperature hovering around 60 degrees I took my bike and Fujifilm equipment and headed for Caumsett State Park on Long Island.








Little bird waits atop a thorny bush for some friends to arrive.  Fjuifilm X-T2  XF 50 – 140 mm 2.8 lens with 1.4 Fujifilm XF converter.


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  1. Wendy Young says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I happened upon your photos reading my Yankee New England posts. You had me with the 2 sheep by the barn in the snow.
    Each photo seems to be a quiet, peaceful moment. I very much enjoy your choices!
    Are your photos available for purchase? They would also make stunning note cards.
    Wendy Young
    I grew up in CT., love New England. I live in Indiana but hope to return someday.

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